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Megan Sue Schroll

Ink artist, ceramicist, & maker.


I am a Fine Art graduate based out of central Nebraska.


I keep my hands and mind busy while drawing or covered in clay as I build up my studio and inventory so I can attend as many art and craft fairs as I can. Having a passion and relentless urge to work in both two-dimensional and three-dimentional mediums I am able to produce interesting nature inspired works of art that I hope will captivate and intrigue.


Throughout my artwork, I run with the theme of opposites. Chaos vs. order. Black and white. I illustrates these sorts of opposites that draw my attention to the landscapes that continue to facinate me. Would there be beauty without the grotesque?  Would life be as significant or as precious if it were not for death?  It is this poetic tension, coupled with my need to collect, preserve, and enjoy these simple moments of natural discovery that drive my current body of work.